Our 11-mile sponsored walk!

The next phase of our fundraising endeavour’s sees some of our year-group participate on Saturday 16th March in a sponsored walk. Walk? I hear you say. Well, I assure you this isn’t any old walk to The Pyewipe for a cider! The 11-mile (I repeat, 11 whole miles) route to Torksey Lock tasks our friends […]

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Dress like your lecturer day!

On the 12th November, we decided to dress like our lecturer Rowan as a funny way to raise money for the show! We followed a specific dress code of goatee beards and wearing black clothes for the day, as well as some who went the extra mile to recreate Rowan’s tattoo. A big thanks to […]

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Bake Sale!

We had a mountain of lovely homemade treats made by some of our third years and we raised a total of £116.78! A big thank you to all who contributed to the sale!

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Upcoming! Martin Lambie-nairn

On Wednesday 30th January, award-winning graphic designer Martin Lambie-Nairn will be joining us for a talk about his work with well-known brands such as HSBC, BBC, O2 and Channel 4.     When: Wednesday 30th of January at 13:00 Where: NDH0020 (art canteen lecture theatre) Tickets are £4 and can be bought from year 3 graphics studio, […]

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Chitter Chatter begins! James Cann


James Cann opened our first Chitter Chatter event on the 7th of November with his talk “how to get into industry”. He spoke about the importance of networking in order to get noticed in industry and how different companies cater to different types of designers, it’s up to us to find the place we want to be. He also talked about his personal journey as a designer, and how he began with internships and placements.

We were given several exercises throughout the talk to help us understand the way the industry works and how creative employers think. We asked questions about the internships he took part in, what he learnt, and he gave advice from his experience. Read More